Here are some suggestions for foods that are good sources of healthy carbs.

As with all our suggestions, think of it like a buffet: Take what you like, and leave the rest.

Whole grains

-Whole, intact grains such as brown or wild rice, amaranth,                                              

barley, buckwheat, millet, oat groats, quinoa, teff, wheat


-Whole or sprouted grain flour foods: breads, bagels,

English muffins, pastas, and wraps*

-Steel-cut or old-fashioned oats


Beans and legumes

-Beans (all)




-Kefir, plain

-non-Greek yogurt, plain

Starchy tubers

-Potatoes (all colors)

-Sweet potatoes (all colors)




-Fresh fruit

-Frozen fruit

-Dried fruit, unsweetened

*Whole grains foods made from flour can affect blood sugar differently in different individuals. If flour-based grains seem to negatively affect you, consider whole, intact grain foods. **In the case of fruits, it might take some work to know how long a particular fruit “stays with you”. Some folks find that fruit will hold them for a while; others find that starchier carbohydrates work better than sweeter ones (or that particularly sweet fruits, such as tropical or dried fruits, seem to spike their blood sugar).